Our Creed teaches us that within Zeta Tau Alpha “lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives.”

We’re proud to share the steps ZTA has already taken, as well as our future plans.


Zeta Tau Alpha is a sisterhood made of many individual women and it celebrates the uniqueness each sister brings. We respect and support each member’s personal identity, and we seek to provide an accepting environment within every chapter. We believe in creating a space of belonging for every member. We expect everyone to treat their sisters with love, the greatest of all things.

Purpose of this page/our efforts:

This webpage is not intended to provide comprehensive education, but a starting place for you to:

  • Explore your own identities.

  • Define key social justice terms.

  • Identify the role you play in systemic racism as well as ways to be anti-racist.

  • List ways for you to take action.

  • Understand what actions ZTA is taking.