Position title: Leadership Consultant (LC)

Reporting to: Director of Field Operations

Position status: Salary, exempt, full-time

Position term: June 2021—May 2022, with breaks established upon hiring and potential for reappointment based on performance and candidate interest

Position summary: This position is open to recent college graduates who devote the full academic year to working with collegiate chapters throughout the country to provide leadership, guidance and counsel to assist each chapter in reaching its full potential. Duties include officer education, leadership development and organizational management. LCs may also supervise membership recruitment, support chapter public relations, and assist with creation and management of new chapters. The position requires extensive travel*. Leadership Consultants may travel full-time, remain stationary to support a specific chapter or fulfill a combination of travel and stationary support*.

Essential functions and responsibilities

  • Execute specific leadership development, recruitment and educational workshops and training in accordance with the mission, Creed and goals of the organization
  • Educate and train officers on chapter Executive Councils and Programming Councils according to the structure of and using the resources of the Fraternity
  • Analyze and study collegiate chapters and individual officers in an effort to determine strengths and areas for improvement; determine and help implement courses of conduct and changes to address areas in need of improvement; plan, develop and apply programming specific to established needs and motivations of chapters and officers
  • Develop strategies and overall approach for courses of action for chapter and officer development
  • Strategize with local chapter and Fraternity leadership and develop plans related to membership recruitment and oversee implementation of such plans, procedures, marketing and membership selection protocols
  • Recognize situations that pose potential liability or risk to chapter and Fraternity and outline proposal to address the issue(s)
  • Provide leadership and counsel to chapters in areas of new member programming, slating/elections, officer transition, risk management and harm reduction and financial management
  • Attend and take an active leadership role in chapter meetings, Panhellenic meetings and other campus activities and events as needed
  • Evaluate collegiate chapter advisory board needs and provide analysis and proposed plans moving forward; communicate chapter advisory needs to the staff and volunteers; assist and educate advisors.
  • Develop and implement strategies to foster and maintain relationships within fraternity/sorority communities and campuses
  • Represent and facilitate for the Fraternity at chapter meetings and activities as needed
  • Recognize and facilitate solutions to chapter concerns/problems
  • Act as an effective liaison to campus partners
  • Provide leadership with the promotion, establishment and execution of new chapter development
  • Serve as a communications/public relations liaison for the Fraternity


  • Attend all LC training sessions in entirety – including ZTA's Emerging Leaders Academy and/or Convention, summer training, midyear training and debriefing at the end of term
  • Make and provide detailed analysis and proposed action plans related to all chapter visits and provide such reports promptly to the Fraternity within seven days of the end of each chapter visit
  • Manage business expenses responsibly and submit biweekly reports logging use of Fraternity funds and expenses
  • Correspond regularly and consistently with chapter officers, Fraternity volunteers, fraternity/sorority advisors, and other important parties

Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • ZTA membership in good standing required
  • ZTA Fraternity knowledge; leadership experience from collegiate chapter, Panhellenic or other varying campus organizations; membership recruitment experience
  • Customer service skills and ability to work and maintain relationships with different types of people in varying roles – including collegiate members and officers, organizational volunteers and campus administrators
  • Flexibility and ability to apply sound judgment independently within short time periods and/or under pressure; strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills; confrontational and conversational skills; project and personnel management abilities; facilitation and presentation skills
  • Well-organized and attention to detail
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and other online and computer communication programming
  • Ability to travel by car or air independently and regularly up to 100% of position term, including possession of a valid drivers’ license
  • Consistently change between stationary work and intermittently moving throughout the workday
  • Must be able to move objects, such as presentation materials and boxes, for periodic distances; lifting a minimum of 40 pounds

*Please note that travel is contingent upon Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leadership Consultants may execute position functions & responsibilities remotely.

Application process

To apply for this position, you must submit an application here, where you will be required to create an account with SmarterSelect. After creating an account, you will be able to fill out the application form and upload a copy of your resume in .pdf format. You will have the option to save your application and return to complete at a later time using your SmarterSelect account; however, the application must be fully submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 15 in order to be eligible to apply for a 2021-2022 position.

Any ZTA member in good standing graduating between Dec. 2020 and Dec. 2021 is eligible to apply. Any application not fully submitted or with a status of “incomplete” at 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 15 will not be considered for the position.

To confirm the status of a submitted application, log in to your SmarterSelect account at any time to review your application and status. The application form will require contact information for three (3) references (a campus administrator or faculty member, a ZTA alumna*, and someone of the candidate's choosing**). Please inform your referers before submitting their information that they will receive a notification from SmarterSelect with instructions to complete the reference by Feb. 19.

You will have the option to return to your application to resend the request to your referers at any time before the deadline. If you have any questions or need any assistance with the application form, please contact caitlin-moulton@zetataualpha.org or call (317) 872-0540.

*The ZTA alumna submitting your reference could be the Collegiate National Officer that primarily supervises/supervised your collegiate chapter during your undergraduate membership (Province President, Mentor or Director of New Chapters), a chapter advisor or another active ZTA alumna who has worked with you in some capacity during your undergraduate experience.

**The third reference could include an employer, an additional ZTA alumna reference, a coach, a mentor, or any other person of the candidate's choosing; however, NO references may be peer undergraduate references. Collegiate ZTA members or officers may NOT serve as reference for candidates.


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