New Chapters

Currently 173 college campuses are home to active Zeta Tau Alpha chapters.

It's always exciting to start a new ZTA chapter or reactivate a chapter. In the past five years, thirteen chapters have flourished as new or reactivated links in our Chain of Chapters.

Alpha Eta (reactivation)
University of Cincinnati
Lambda Sigma
The University of Texas at Tyler
Lambda Rho
Piedmont College
Lambda Pi
Reinhardt University
Lambda Omicron
Boise State University
Lambda Xi
Seton Hall University
Alpha Zeta (reactivation)
The Ohio State University
Delta Alpha (reactivation)
California State University, Long Beach
Lambda Nu
Furman University
Lambda Mu
University of South Carolina Beaufort
Lambda Lambda
Kennesaw State University
Alpha (reactivation)
Longwood University
Zeta Omicron (reactivation)
Arkansas State University
New Chapters

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