A Snapshot of the Volunteer Experience

Volunteering for ZTA offers an opportunity for leadership experience, personal growth and professional development plus tons of fun!


In ZTA we often say, “Zeta Is Forever.” By volunteering your time and talent to serve the Fraternity as an alumna, you become living proof of that mantra. Your service—no matter how big or small the role is—helps strengthen our organization and make a difference in the lives of others.


ZTA’s volunteer base is diverse in age, backgrounds and interests. Through your service to the Fraternity, you will befriend other women with unique experiences who share your affinity for volunteering and for ZTA.


Volunteering for ZTA is a great way to meet a group of women with a multitude of professions and experiences. By working alongside other alumnae, you may meet a new mentor, hear about a job opportunity, strengthen a skill or expand your network of resources.


While we encourage your active engagement as an alumna, the level at which you volunteer is flexible and based on your availability and interests. ZTA will help you find the roles that are most enriching for you and compatible with your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question for more details on volunteering for ZTA! If you have follow-up questions, you can email us at zetataualpha@zetataualpha.org.

You are eligible to begin volunteering for ZTA as soon as you leave your college or university; there is no age requirement to serve.

Some positions, such as the Program Council Advisor role, require fewer than five hours per week, while other roles, like being a Zeta Day Committee member, involve a bigger time commitment concentrated during a specific time frame, like Zeta Day “season.” Check out the Volunteer At-a-Glance resource for details on specific time commitments for various roles.

Absolutely! ZTA offers training and resources for all of its volunteer roles. As a volunteer, you will also have the full support of National Council, National Officers and International Office staff to help you succeed in your role. A few specific resources are listed below.

  • ZTA’s General Manual is available on Z-Learning to all members.
  • Alumnae chapter leaders will receive customized training and support from their District President on an annual basis. Resources such as the Guide for the Alumnae Chapter President and training webinars are also available on Z-Learning.
  • Collegiate chapter advisors will receive support and guidance from their Collegiate National Officer on an annual basis and have access to training materials in Z-Learning, such as the General Advisor Training Workshop. Occasionally advisors will attend Officer Leadership Academy with the collegiate officers they advise to receive in-person training alongside other advisors in their Area.

This depends on the type of volunteer role you’re seeking. For example, if you’re interested in planning fun activities or organizing a networking event for alumnae in your area or serving as an alumnae chapter leader, you should join your local alumnae chapter.

If you’re interested in serving as a collegiate chapter advisor, a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® Volunteer Coordinator, or a handful of other roles, you are not required to join an alumnae chapter in order to serve (though it is highly encouraged!).

Joining an alumnae chapter will allow you to meet other sisters who are already volunteering for ZTA and can share their experiences with you. Going to alumnae chapter events is also a great way to find out about available roles and local volunteer needs. To find your local alumnae chapter, check out the chapter locator.

You can also indicate your interest in volunteering for ZTA by submitting a Volunteer Interest Form. The form streamlines the process for placing alumnae in volunteer roles and if a volunteer role becomes available in your geographic region or area of expertise, you may be called upon to serve the Fraternity.

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