Academic Achievement Award - 2018

This award goes to those chapters that attained Highly Commendable status (3.2 GPA or higher) for at least two consecutive semesters or three consecutive quarters during the biennium. Chapters are selected based on reports received since the preceding Convention.

2018 Winners

Chapter Name School Link
Alpha Beta University of Pennsylvania 001
Epsilon University of Arkansas 005
Kappa The University of Texas at Austin 011
Lambda Southwestern University 012
Mu Drury University 013
Sigma Baker University 019
Phi Duke University 022
Psi University of Washington 025
Alpha Gamma University of Michigan 028
Alpha Zeta The Ohio State University 031
Alpha Upsilon Oklahoma State University 045
Alpha Phi Northwestern University 046
Alpha Psi University of Missouri 048
Beta Gamma Florida State University 052
Beta Delta Miami University 053
Beta Omicron University of South Carolina 064
Beta Phi Michigan State University 070
Gamma Alpha University of Miami 074
Gamma Epsilon Pennsylvania State University 078
Gamma Iota University of Florida 082
Gamma Pi The University of Georgia 083
Gamma Nu University of Virginia 090
Gamma Psi Texas Christian University 096
Delta Beta Florida Southern College 099
Delta Delta Baldwin Wallace University 101
Delta Iota Clarion University of Pennsylvania 107
Delta Upsilon West Virginia Wesleyan College 117
Delta Chi William Jewell College 119
Delta Psi Samford University 120
Zeta Alpha University of Evansville 122
Zeta Beta Thiel College 123
Zeta Gamma Youngstown State University 124
Zeta Lambda Rider University 132
Zeta Psi Jacksonville State University 142
Eta Gamma West Chester University of Pennsylvania 144
Eta Zeta Elon University 150
Eta Xi Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 157
Eta Theta Missouri University of Science and Technology 161
Eta Phi Illinois State University 165
Theta Gamma Texas A&M University 171
Theta Theta Arkansas Tech University 174
Theta Omicron Baylor University 178
Theta Zeta Wofford College 179
Theta Xi Rutgers University 180
Theta Tau The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 186
Iota Alpha Robert Morris University 192
Iota Gamma The College of New Jersey 194
Iota Delta Towson University 195
Iota Theta Georgia Institute of Technology 198
Iota Pi University of Dayton 207
Iota Phi North Carolina State University 211
Iota Omega University of Maryland 216
Kappa Zeta Clemson University 220
Kappa Eta Rockhurst University 221
Kappa Xi Stockton University 228
Kappa Upsilon Georgia College 234
Kappa Chi Shorter University 236
Kappa Omega Saint Louis University 238
Lambda Zeta Lehigh University 244
Lambda Theta New York University 246
Lambda Iota Vanderbilt University 247
Lambda Kappa Appalachian State University 248
Lambda Xi Seton Hall University 252