Alumnae Crown Chapter Awards - 2010

This award recognizes alumnae chapters that have attained a standard of excellence each year of the biennium. The Vice Presidents Alumnae recommend eligible chapters for all of National Council to vote on and select.

2010 Winners

Alumnae Chapter Name
Abilene, TX Chapter
Aiken, SC Chapter
Akron, OH Chapter
Albuquerque, NM Chapter
Ann Arbor, MI Chapter
Annapolis, MD Chapter
Athens, GA Chapter
Atlanta, GA Alpha Chapter
Atlanta, GA Themis Chapter
Austin, TX Chapter
Baton Rouge, LA Chapter
Bay State, MA Chapter
Birmingham, AL Chapter
Boulder, CO Chapter
Bryan-College Station, TX Chapter
Central New Jersey Chapter
Central Texas Chapter
Charleston, SC Chapter
Charlotte, NC Chapter
Chicago Northwest Suburban, IL Chapter
Chicago West Suburban, IL Chapter
City of Chicago, IL Chapter
Clearwater, FL Chapter
Cleveland-East, OH Chapter
Cleveland-West, OH Chapter
Cobb County, GA Chapter
Collin County, TX Chapter
Columbia, SC Chapter
Columbus, OH Chapter
Corpus Christi, TX Chapter
Dallas Area Night Alumnae Chapter
Dayton, OH Chapter
Daytona Beach, FL Chapter
Dekalb County, GA Chapter
Denton, TX Chapter
Des Moines, IA Chapter
Detroit Metropolitan, MI Chapter
Detroit, MI Alpha Chapter
Eugene, OR Chapter
Evansville, IN Chapter
Franklin, IN Chapter
Ft. Bend, TX Chapter
Ft. Meyers, FL Chapter
Ft. Wayne, IN Chapter
Ft. Worth, TX Chapter
Gainesville, FL Chapter
Gainesville, GA Chapter
Grand Traverse Area, MI Chapter
Greater Ft. Lauderdale, FL Chapter
Greater Grand Rapids, MI Chapter
Greater New Orleans, LA Chapter
Greater Oxford, MS Chapter
Gwinnett County Chapter of Georgia
Hidalgo County, TX Chapter
Houston Northwest, TX Chapter
Houston West, TX Chapter
Houston, TX Association
Humble/Kingwood, TX Chapter
Huntsville, TX Chapter
Indianapolis, IN Association
Inland/Pomona, CA Chapter
Iowa City, IA Chapter
Jackson, MS Chapter
Jackson, TN Chapter
Jacksonville, FL Chapter
Jersey Shore, NJ Chapter
Lawrence, KS Area Chapter
Lafayette, IN Chapter
Lancaster, PA Chapter
Las Cruces, NM Chapter
Lehigh Valley, PA Chapter
Lexington, KY Chapter
Lincoln, NE Chapter
Little Rock, AR Chapter
Long Beach, CA Chapter
Loudoun County, VA Chapter
Louisville, KY Chapter
Lubbock, TX Chapter
Macon, GA Chapter
Memphis, TN Chapter
Mercer-Bucks, NJ Chapter
Miami, FL Chapter
Mid-Cities North, TX Chapter
Midland, TX Chapter
Montgomery, AL Chapter
Murfreesboro, TN Chapter
Nasa-Brazoria County, TX Chapter
Nashville, TN Chapter
New York City, NY Chapter
North Fulton Link of Georgia Chapter
North Orange County, CA Chapter
North Shore, IL Chapter
Northern Arizona Chapter
Northern Maryland Chapter
Northern New Jersey Chapter
Northeast Mississippi Chapter
Northshore, LA Chapter
Northwest Alabama Chapter
Omaha, NE Chapter
Orlando, FL Chapter
Palm Beach County, FL Chapter
Palos Verdes, CA Chapter
Philadelphia, PA Chapter
Phoenix, AZ Chapter
Portland, OR Chapter
Punta Gorda, FL, Chapter
Research Triangle, NC Chapter
Richmond, VA Chapter
Rochester, NY Chapter
Rocky Mountain, CO Chapter
Sacramento, CA Chapter
Salisbury, MD Chapter
San Antonio, TX Chapter
San Diego, CA Chapter
San Fernando Valley, CA Chapter
Seattle, WA Chapter
Shreveport, LA Chapter
Silver Spring, MD Chapter
South Brevard, FL Chapter
South Gulf Coast, FL Chapter
Southern New Jersey Chapter
Southern Peninsula, CA Chapter
Spokane, WA Chapter
Springfield, MO Chapter
St. Louis Metro-East, IL Chapter
Steel City, PA Chapter
Tampa, FL Chapter
Toledo, OH Chapter
Tri-Cities Virginia Chapter
Tri-Cities, TN Chapter
Tucson, AZ Chapter
Tulsa, OK Chapter
Twin Cities, MN Chapter
Virginia Peninsula Chapter
Washington, D.C. Chapter
Western Fairfax, VA Chapter
Westside-Santa Monica, CA Chapter
Williamson County, TX Chapter
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Chapter
Winston-Salem, NC Chapter
Youngstown, OH Chapter