Fraternity Communications Association Awards - 2014

2014 Winners

First Place, Overall Social Media Engagement
ZTA’s overall social media content and presence aims to engage members in meaningful ways on all platforms.

First Place, Social Media Campaign for #CongratsALPHA
This social media campaign centered on the return of Alpha Chapter (Longwood University) and showed how compelling ZTA sisterhood is in a virtual realm.

First Place, Special Purpose Website for ZTAFeed
ZTAFeed was created originally for National Hazing Prevention Week, to spread the message of hazing prevention in an impactful way using humor. The published lists are inspired by BuzzFeed and reached more than 40,000 people.

Second Place, Total Communications Award for ZTA and NFL: 5 in 15
This award for a single-purpose campaign honored the overall communications around the ZTA Foundation’s 5 in 15 milestone with the National Football League.

Second Place, Multimedia Presentation General for Reflect Values in Action
This creative, original and inventive video asked members to reflect on their personal and ZTA values and how they lives those in their daily lives.

Third Place, Publication Improvement for the International Office Brochure
This two-sided glossy card with large images and poignant information honors ZTA International Office. The previous version was a tri-fold brochure with small photos.