Zetas True Award

As part of the virtual Sisterhood Celebration in 2020, National Council recognized chapters for great growth and improvement, reaching goals or placing focus on a particular area and a great membership experience with thoughtful programming. In addition, the chapters selected excelled in programming and making connections after their campuses went to a virtual format for the spring 2020 semester.

Alpha Mu
Washburn University
Be Steadfast
Alpha Xi
Indiana University
Be the Change
Beta Delta
Miami University
Be the Example
Delta Alpha
California State University, Long Beach
Be Dedicated
Delta Kappa
Louisiana State University
Be Mindful
Delta Theta
Ohio Northern University
Be Gracious
Gamma Epsilon
Pennsylvania State University
Be Present
Gamma Rho
Auburn University
Be Creative
Iota Omega
University of Maryland
Be Persistent
Iota Psi
Rochester Institute of Technology
Be Compassionate
Lambda Eta
Virginia Commonwealth University
Be Purposeful
Theta Sigma
Winthrop University
Be Caring
Zeta Sigma
The University of Texas at Arlington
Be a Friend
Virtual Alumnae Membership Committee
Be Innovative