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The Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation supports educational and leadership development programs designed to guide our members as they become their best selves. These programs address timely and timeless topics to help our sisters make the most of their college experiences and prepare for success after college.

Our physical health is constantly on the forefront of our minds, and now mental health is getting more of our attention. ZTA is preparing Zetas to manage their mental health with the Behind Happy Faces curriculum as part of My Sister, My Responsibility®️.

Created with Ross Szabo, CEO of the Human Power Project, the program includes four lessons to help members better understand mental health, personalize the mental health spectrum, learn coping skills and approach a friend who might need help.

Crowning Achievements is a comprehensive academic program that gives ZTA members the tools to excel in their goals and prepare for their career paths. The program’s online and in-person components provide helpful strategies members can use right away to manage time, improve study skills, relieve stress and plan for life after college.

Interactive online workshops are found on Z-Learning, ZTA’s educational programming site. The Academic Achievement Chair facilitates in-person workshops, which complement the online learning.

Zeta Tau Alpha is committed to the overall health and welfare of its members. Each ZTA collegiate new member is required to complete and pass CommunityEdu™, a program with three core subject areas: alcohol, hazing and sexual assault.

Each module encourages healthy behaviors by engaging students in interactive, online learning activities. Students learn to avoid situations and behaviors that may compromise personal safety.

ZTA is dedicated to harm reduction and personal growth. As our members confront challenges and carefully consider choices, we work to inform and educate through relevant, relatable resources. Our posters, videos and other materials aim to guide conversations and help students make smart decisions. Featured topics: mental health, drug use, safe alcohol consumption, hazing, sexual assault, leadership and values, personal risk reduction, and online privacy.

ZTA designed My Sister, My Responsibility® curriculum to create conversation around risk, educate members about the duty to care for themselves and others, and emphasize the mission and purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha. The program now has six holistic components focused on mental health, drug abuse prevention, hazing, inclusion and belonging, sexual assault and alcohol education with 31 workshops.

Modules include:

  • Behind Happy Faces
  • Generation Rx
  • Preventing and Confronting Hazing
  • Seeking Understanding
  • Sisterhood, Safety and Support: Sexual Assault and Relational Violence Prevention
  • Teaching Social Responsibility

Zeta Tau Alpha's Nine Key Values are Lifelong Learning, Leadership, Responsibility, Being Rather than Seeming, Service & Philanthropy, Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom, Humility, Loyalty & Commitment and Love. These Values are directly tied to our Creed, which grounds us in all that we do as an organization. ZTA strives to have every program support both chapters and individual members as they work to live fully within these Nine Key Values.

ZTA’s Noble Workshop program is both a virtual and in person experience. Noble Workshops are tailored and customized to each chapter’s specific needs. These presentations are rooted in ZTA’s Nine Key Values and focus on recruitment tactics, developing future leaders, sisterhood building, collective goal setting, and more. The goal of your chapter’s Noble Workshop is to address challenges, focus on next steps in terms of support, and leave the chapter with specific action items to prioritize moving forward.


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