Thank-you note: Example 1

Dear ZTA Foundation and Scholarship Committee,

My name is Zoe Zeta and I am writing you to express my thankfulness for the ZTA scholarship that I received. I am a third year veterinary student and this scholarship has greatly helped to lessen the student loan burden I have as a professional student. I am so thankful for this gift and for the many opportunities that ZTA has given me as a collegiate member and as an alumna. Thank you again for your support of my future through this scholarship.

Zoe Zeta

Thank-you note: Example 2

Dear ZTA Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so much for considering and choosing me for a Foundation scholarship. This scholarship is helping me so much with all of the fees/deposits associated with applying to law school next year!


Sally Strawberry

Thank-you note: Example 3

Dear (creator of the endowed scholarship),

Thank you so much for funding this endowed scholarship! It is an honor to receive this award and I am so grateful to be a recipient. This scholarship releases a lot of stress from my family and makes such a difference in fees for this school year.


Thelma Themis

Thank-you note: Example 4

Dear (creator of the recognition scholarship),

Thank you so much for creating this recognition scholarship! I so greatly appreciate your generosity and am so thankful to have ZTA as a support system. This is truly an honor!


Carrie Crown

Thank-you note: Example 5

To the ZTA Foundation,

Thank you so much for awarding me a Founders Grant. I am so thankful for everything ZTA has done to help me become the woman I am today and achieve my goals. Medical school has been exhausting and the debt is crushing, but ZTA has been there for me from teaching time management in undergrad to financial assistance. I am forever in debt to this sisterhood, thank you for helping me and our sisters pursue our dreams!

Tina Torch

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