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Whether it’s a house, lodge or chapter room, ZTA facilities are special places for our sisters to call home and make lifelong memories during their college years. ZTA’s Fraternity Housing Corporation is committed to ensuring safe, competitive and attractive housing and meeting facilities for our collegiate members.

Time spent in Zeta Tau Alpha housing and facilities can be a highlight of a student’s college years. The unique environment of ZTA housing provides positive opportunities and a welcoming home away from home.

"Living in the ZTA house for the last three years has been the best decision of my college career and I cannot thank you enough for making this house truly feel like a home." - Collegiate House Manager

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FHC mission statement

To provide safe, competitive and attractive facilities by using our resources responsibly and focusing on fostering sisterhood, supporting our members, preparing for our future, and continuing to be the leader in fraternity/sorority housing.

Living in ZTA housing

ZTA housing offers many benefits. The cost for room and board in a ZTA house is typically lower than living in a residence hall or off campus, and it provides a unique experience for personal and social growth.

ZTA housing provides:

  • A safe, secure and healthy environment
  • A House Director, chef and kitchen to provide supervision and meals to members*
  • Well-balanced and accommodating meals, even for members with late classes or jobs*
  • A smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free facility
  • Quiet study areas with reliable wireless internet access
  • Laundry facilities, storage space, large living areas and a close-knit neighborhood in the campus community, usually within walking distance to classes
  • Cleaning staff onsite to provide services to the chapter*
  • Family-like support for the challenges of college life
  • The opportunity to live with your best friends
    *where applicable

Safety and security first

The safety and security of our members is the top priority of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation.

Some of our chapter members live in ZTA-owned residential housing, some live-in university-owned houses or residence halls, and some chapters have designated meeting spaces on or off campus. All ZTA collegiate chapters with any type of facility will complete a Safety, Security & Fire Checklist within one week of returning to school in the fall. To do so, chapter leadership must walk through the facility to address potential areas of concern. After the chapter submits this report to International Office, the FHC will follow up on any items that require repairs or maintenance.

Insurance coverage

All ZTA facilities are fully insured by MJ Insurance, the industry leader for sorority and fraternity housing nationwide.

Parents should insure their daughter’s clothing, furnishings and electronic equipment through their own homeowners/renters insurance policy or an additional renters insurance policy.

Please contact the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation with any questions.

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