DEI Survey FAQs

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey is part of a comprehensive DEI audit conducted by Tran Arrowsmith PLLC and The Harbor Institute. The audit will help Zeta Tau Alpha develop and improve its long-term plan to ensure that it becomes a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization at all levels.

Completing the DEI survey will give the audit team valuable data about what ZTA is doing well, what areas need improvement and what barriers to inclusion currently exist. The more members who complete the survey, the more complete the audit will be, so ZTA strongly encourages all members—collegians and alumnae—to complete the survey.

The survey will be open from March 28 through April 26, and all members will receive an email about the it on the day it opens. Members can access the survey by clicking the link embedded in the message. Any information sisters submit through the survey will be confidential; Zeta Tau Alpha is the only entity that will use this information.

Email, which is the email address that the survey link will come from.

The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Yes. ZTA will not receive any identifying information. There is a question in the survey that asks members if they would like to participate in focus groups if the opportunity arises. Those who answer “yes” will need to enter their names and contact information. These personal details will not appear in connection with their survey responses.

No. Alumnae and collegians should complete the survey.

In summer 2019, National Council formed an Inclusion Task Force to determine next steps in ZTA’s inclusion efforts. Based on those recommendations, the Inclusion Committee became a permanent Special Committee designed to meet and collaborate on ideas, review feedback and create proposals to send to National Council specifically on efforts related to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan announced in September 2020.

As part of the DEI Strategic Plan, ZTA is committed to hearing from every member. Your voice and experience as a member—no matter how long you have been part of the organization—is necessary to help guide ZTA toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive sisterhood.

Yes. ZTA wants to hear from members of all different backgrounds, experiences and levels of involvement. Your feedback will help foster opportunities for more meaningful engagement for each Zeta through her lifelong membership.

ZTA and its third-party audit partners designed the survey to be accessible for all members. Regardless of how familiar you may be with DEI, ZTA wants to hear about your experiences to help identify opportunities to support you and other sisters who may be in the same place as you. A team of Survey Ambassadors exists to assist you with any questions regarding the survey.

Tran Arrowsmith PLLC and The Harbor Institute, ZTA’s audit partners, will review and analyze the data and provide a comprehensive summary to ZTA leadership. The survey results will also guide the audit team in developing recommendations for future efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within ZTA.


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