Important changes to the National Panhellenic Conference

Last week, the National Panhellenic Conference held its Annual Meeting, which resulted in some major, historic changes. We want to make you aware of those changes and the impact they will have on ZTA and our role within NPC.

NPC voted to replace its Executive Committee with a seven-member Board of Directors. This board will consist of five elected members and two rotating members. The rotating positions are based on when each organization entered into the National Panhellenic Conference, meaning Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Gamma Delta will be the first organizations on the board.

As you know, ZTA announced at Convention 2016 that Malaea Nelms Seleski would rotate into the NPC Chairman position in October 2019. With the NPC structure change, it is no longer guaranteed that ZTA will hold the Chairman position.

Two of the seven board members will be elected Chairman and Treasurer. Anyone serving on the Board of Directors, including those in the rotating positions, can apply to run for these positions. The Council of Delegates, comprised of a representative from each of the 26 NPC organizations, will be responsible for electing the five board members and the Chairman and Treasurer.

The vote will take place during the Council of Delegates meeting in May 2019. The newly-elected NPC Chairman will begin her term on July 1, 2019. Since these changes will start with the May 2019 vote, ZTA will be the last member organization to hold the position of Vice Chairman.

The goals we developed in 2016 during the period leading up to ZTA’s expected role as Chairman have been defined by the phrase “Seek. Serve. Lead.” These three words carry deep meaning for us as Zetas. Years ago, ZTA made the courageous decision to close Alpha Chapter at Longwood University so it could seek to join NPC. Since 1909, 16 Zetas have served as the NPC Delegate. Now, it's important for ZTA to consider which individual is best equipped to lead NPC as its first elected Chairman.

Malaea will continue to be ZTA’s representative on the Board of Directors and we plan for her to apply for the Chairman position. In addition to the great work and training she has received as Vice Chairman of NPC for the past year, Malaea served as NPC Delegate for 10 years and as our First Alternate Delegate for the past six years.

“Through her years of active involvement in ZTA, Malaea has developed a valuable strategic leadership style that will serve both ZTA and NPC for the greater good,” NPC Delegate Laura Ladewig Landers said. “She represents the modern volunteer—someone who is savvy and balances her work, life and volunteer responsibilities with confidence. We feel these attributes uniquely qualify Malaea to support NPC and its member organizations through change, and she will have our full support as we continue to Seek. Serve. Lead.”

ZTA supported these changes to the leadership structure as we believe a strong and nimble NPC is vital to the continued growth and success of the fraternity/sorority system. There are many changes ahead, but ZTA is committed to being a strong voice and leader within NPC as we navigate them.


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