Meet the 2020-2022 ZTA FHC Board

For the members of the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation board, some days are fun and creative and others are frustrating and not-so-glamorous. Their responsibilities run the gamut from budgeting to buying, from selecting beautiful fabrics to locating a plumber for an emergency, from studying building codes to cutting the ribbon on a new facility. These eight women juggle families, careers and volunteerism while making sure ZTA housing is a space where our collegiate women can experience the best possible sisterhood.

We asked them to share a little about their ZTA memories, their family traditions, their lives during the pandemic and their dreams for the future.


Dinah Jackson Laughery

Beta Gamma Chapter (Florida State University)

Before COVID-19, my favorite part of my job was traveling the world. Now that I’m working from home, I appreciate being able to work in comfortable clothes and snuggle with my dog when life gets stressful. I serve ZTA because I want to do my part to make sure women get to experience this amazing sisterhood for decades to come.

Vice President Housing Area I

Natalie Yingling Lisko

Delta Omega Chapter (Westminster College)

My favorite family tradition is having Sunday dinner with my family, so it’s no surprise that I de-stress by baking and cooking. My ZTA mentor is Karen Rose Roper, who was my Province President and inspired me to get involved after college. I love taking girls trips with my ZTA sisters every fall. Traveling the world is on my bucket list.

Vice President Housing Area II

Julie Ward Moxley

Theta Sigma (Winthrop University)

If I could tell my collegiate self one thing, it would be “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I’ve learned in the end, the small stuff doesn’t matter. I enjoyed playing intramurals as a collegian, and I’ve been water skiing since I was young. My favorite part of being in an alumnae chapter is spending time with other women and supporting my sisters through the good and the bad.

Vice President Housing Area III

Marnie Marlar Frazier

Eta Omega Chapter (Louisiana State University, Shreveport)

I wish I could tell my college self “there is no such thing as perfect,” however, I loved everything about ZTA as a collegian. I serve now to give back to an organization that has given me more than I could have ever imagined! My favorite memories of my sisters post-college are celebrating Mardi Gras and going to Convention. I miss traveling because I love interacting with new people.

Vice President Construction

Kris Fleming

Eta Theta Chapter (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

I didn’t originally plan to join a sorority, but ZTA became my support network in a mostly male-dominated school. I play golf to relieve stress; when it’s too cold for golf (it’s never too cold for golf!), I play cards instead. My favorite family Christmas tradition is playing “Rob Your Neighbor” with random gifts like duct tape and extension cords. Morocco is my favorite place to visit and Australia is next on my bucket list.

Vice President Design

Julia Marthaler Hill

Eta Rho Chapter (The University of North Alabama)

I'm a list maker and I like to address the harder tasks first thing. I love my ZTA and professional jobs because I can be creative while making people happy. My favorite tradition happens at Thanksgiving. For 30 years, we have taken family pictures in front of the old red barn on my parents’ property. We now span four generations—my mom, my siblings, the grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

Vice President Operations

Casey Guimbellot Pash

Iota Chi Chapter (Middle Tennessee State University)

Being on the run (literally) keeps my stress down. I have been running 25 or more miles a week for 14 years and have completed 13 marathons. I work for a non-profit and volunteer for ZTA because of the difference I can make in others’ lives. I love the sisterhood focus of the alumnae world. I’m currently listening to “The Champagne Way” podcast, hosted by three ZTA alumnae.


Stephanie Arnette Powell

Gamma Pi Chapter (The University of Georgia)

Family and football are two of my passions in life. Besides tailgating, one of our most cherished family traditions is the “Night Before the Night Before” party on Dec. 23, which is now on its fourth generation. The top items on my bucket list are to take a dance class with the Rockettes and to be a back-up dancer just once with Jimmy Buffet at one of his live shows.


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