Meet the 2020-2022 ZTA Foundation Board

If you were planning a party for the eight sisters who lead the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, you would stock up on chips and queso, guacamole, Cape Cod potato chips, Cheetos (the crunchy ones), Reese’s peanut butter cups, peanut M&Ms and cashews. They’re pretty great conversationalists, even if some were quiet before they joined ZTA. They love to share stories about how the Foundation, through the generosity of thousands of donors, makes a difference in the lives of all our members, including scholarship recipients, collegiate officers and breast cancer survivors.

They shared some fun facts about themselves, so when we can meet again in person, you’ll have plenty to talk about.


Carolyn Hof Carpenter

Theta Tau Chapter (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

My favorite ZTA memories as a collegian were formal dinners on chapter meeting nights. I loved the family feeling of having sit-down dinners with all my sisters! The house mother would ring a bell, we’d all find a seat, stand behind our chairs and sing the “Zeta Prayer.” In my alumnae life, I enjoy meeting and connecting with new sisters across the country. “To find satisfaction in being rather than seeming” is my favorite line of the Creed because it reminds me to be real and authentic. I love to travel – have visited all 7 continents! - and my favorite snack is chips and queso. Shark cage diving is on my bucket list.

Vice President of Alumnae Development

Cynthia Byars Courtney

Gamma Tau Chapter (Texas Tech University)

The best part of my day is early morning with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, when my head is clear and I do my best thinking. That’s when I write little notes to my sisters, friends and family. Recruitment was special to me as a collegian and as an alumna. It allows me to continue to cultivate those relationships in both my professional career and volunteer roles. My “to do” list includes mastering a foreign language, taking watercolor lessons and being a docent for a museum.

Vice President of Collegiate Development

Marlene Dunbar Conrad

Eta Iota Chapter (Valdosta State University)

In this work-from-home life, my laptop is always open, papers are organized in piles and my planner/to-do-list is next to me. I’m a meeting planner, so my job is all about making lists and completing them. My favorite college memories were candle lighting passings when sisters got lavaliered or engaged. I love my family, perfect fall or spring weather, traveling and lip gloss. A little lip color can change your day!

Vice President of Philanthropy

Sherry Server Tilley

Zeta Alpha Chapter (University of Evansville)

As a collegian, I loved singing ZTA songs together with lots of harmony. I'm much more of an introvert than most would ever guess. ZTA has taught me to do what is needed for the occasion. I love living near the water. It's amazing what a walk on the beach will do to bring calm back to life. A trip to Tahiti, Bora Bora and the islands of gorgeous water and marine life is on my bucket list.

Vice President of Scholarship

Catherine G. Slaughter

Alpha Eta Chapter (University of Cincinnati)

I loved chapter dinners before meetings as a collegian, and nowadays, my favorite food is pizza! I am also a night owl and pre-COVID, going to movies helped me to de-stress. As an alumna, I have loved ski trips with my sisters and so many Conventions. Shopping is my passion and I had a long career as designer and product development manager in fashion apparel. I currently have my own business that assists startup companies.


Kay Dill Kreutzer

Eta Rho Chapter (The University of North Alabama)

I was very shy when I was young. Wow has that changed! My favorite ZTA memories come from Step Sing during Spring Fling. We spent weeks practicing and then had a blast performing. I am retired now, but in my professional career, I enjoyed being a mentor and helping people see their potential. I am a night owl who loves the beach, peanut M&Ms, my faith, family and friends.


Becky Hainsworth Kirwan

Gamma Beta Chapter (Washington College)

My current work-from-home style is “carry phone….will work.” To de-stress, I drive around in the car and listen to music. (Love me some SiriusXM.) My best collegiate memories are of Greek sing; the best alumnae ones are the ski trips with sisters. I love my grandkids, good weather, Diet Coke and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. My favorite line from the Creed is “Love, the greatest of all things.”


Nora Nell Hardy Jackson

Beta Gamma Chapter (Florida State University)

When traveling for ZTA in the early 1970s, I visited with Colonel Sanders as we walked through an airport. My favorite ZTA song is “I Hear the Call of Zeta” and I enjoy meeting sisters from other chapters in my alumnae chapter. My favorite destressing activity is watching college sports on TV. I love to visit museums, enjoy a good avocado dip and would like to have coffee (or tea) with Queen Elizabeth.

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