Saying “Yes!” with Kendra Davis Moyses

Each time Kendra Davis Moyses is approached with a new volunteer opportunity, she excitedly jumps in. She has continued to Hear the Call and give her time and talents to ZTA. Stepping out of her comfort zone is what led her here.

While she grew up in the Greater Lansing area, Kendra wanted a new adventure and some distance from home, so she moved the two hours to Ferris State University. There, she expected to have the typical college experience with one of her best friends from her hometown, but when her friend decided to move back home, Kendra stayed on campus and was determined to get involved.

She signed up for Formal Recruitment along with some new friends across the hall in her dorm. After they decided not to participate, Kendra moved forward and took on the experience by herself. She met a lot of wonderful women throughout the process, and totally fell in love with ZTA. “From the moment I met the members, they were down to earth, loved to have fun and were super open. The chapter had a variety of women and it was a really awesome mix of people. I was glad I stuck it out and did something completely out of my comfort zone. It was the best decision I ever made for myself.”

While Kendra settled into Zeta Omega Chapter and looked for ways to get involved, her friend from across the hall later joined the chapter and became her Little Sister. “We have been in each other’s weddings and we still talk about once a week. To this day, my Zeta sisters are some of my closest friends.” Kendra soon became the New Member Coordinator and then stepped into the role of chapter President. “It was such a great experience. I learned so much about leadership, communication, how to navigate making decisions and how to compromise.”

Entering her alumnae era

Kendra Moyses ZTA Race

After graduation, Kendra found herself back in the Greater Lansing area volunteering as the ZTA Race Representative and Survivor Brunch Coordinator for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, ZTA’s national philanthropic partner at the time. She looks back in surprise that she was capable of such a huge accomplishment at a young age. What impacted her the most during that time was seeing the partnership that ZTA developed with survivors and hearing members talk about their connection with philanthropy.

After some time away from ZTA to focus on her career, Kendra attended Michigan Zeta Day and was approached to consider a new volunteer position. That encounter led Kendra to the role of Philanthropy Advisor for the Beta Phi Chapter at Michigan State University. From there, she became the chapter’s General Advisor. “I had an absolute blast working with that chapter. It was my first ZTA job working with collegians and it was a lot of fun! I learned a lot because that chapter was so very different from mine.”

Soon after, Kendra joined the local Greater Lansing, MI Alumnae Chapter and took on several officer roles before being asked to serve as District President for Michigan. “Being a DP is probably the most fun I’ve had as a ZTA volunteer,” she said. “The women who I met as DP are the people I turn to all the time for personal connection. It’s been such a great journey seeing both the collegiate and alumnae side.”

One of the most memorable moments in Kendra’s journey came when she attended her first national ZTA event and gained a whole new perspective. “The first Convention I went to as a District President, I remember National Council coming in and realizing, ‘Wow, I know them on a first name basis.’ When you’re in the new member period and hear about how you could be the next person wearing the Purple of the Fraternity and think ‘No way,’ and then you’re sitting at Convention as a National Officer and realize ‘Whoa, this is surreal.’ I didn’t know it could be that awesome.”

Kendra Moyses ZTA event

The value of the FHC

Once she wrapped up her time as DP, Kendra took a short break before being presented with a new opportunity when the Fraternity Housing Corporation developed the Area Housing Coordinator position. This person oversees several chapter facilities in a geographic area, ensuring things like furniture, HVAC and other features are meeting chapters’ needs. Despite not knowing much about ZTA housing at the time, Kendra excitedly said, “Let’s do it!” and jumped in.

“It’s such an amazing group of women to work with and a side of ZTA that I don’t think a lot of people see - the intentionality and the care that goes into maintaining a ZTA facility.” She credits the FHC for being so committed to investing in safe, beautiful housing that members can enjoy. Kendra says working with chapter advisors to facilitate Wish List requests is a highlight of the role. Chapters use the Wish List process to communicate what they would like for their facility to the FHC. It’s a cool opportunity for her to see what they can achieve together and she finds joy in watching collegians react to new or updated spaces.

Kendra’s favorite piece of the AHC experience is getting the chance to connect directly with collegians. When visiting facilities, she makes a point to introduce herself and leave a good impression on the members. “I say ‘Hi’ and get to know them and hopefully they think, ‘That lady is super nice!’” Kendra says playing a role in their ZTA experience, watching women supporting women, building each other up and encouraging each other to try new things is special to be a part of.

Kendra Moyses AHC

This is just the beginning

Kendra’s volunteer journey is far from over. After all, she is a self-proclaimed ZTA nerd! When asked what keeps her motivated, she said, “I look at everything that ZTA gave to me in terms of becoming the person that I am today. Everything from leadership, to kindness, to learning how to navigate friendship and differences. I feel like it’s my obligation because I want to continue the amazing experience I had and I do that by showing up and volunteering. I try to facilitate the feeling that I had for other people who supported and mentor me so they can experience the joy and understand the specialness that is ZTA.”

Her advice for someone looking to become involved and reconnect with ZTA? “Just jump in and reach out. You don’t have to jump into big or defined roles. Sometimes we think about the really big stuff, but it isn’t always that. There are so many different ways to become involved, like joining an alumnae chapter, volunteering at a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® walk, or writing cards to collegiate sisters. Look at what you enjoy and your personal strengths and how you might be able to use those to enhance someone else’s ZTA experience.”

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