ZTA’s commitment to inclusion

Our Creed teaches us that within Zeta Tau Alpha “lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives.”

In 2019, ZTA received some important direct feedback from a few collegiate sisters. That feedback provided the opportunity for us to learn more about their views and continues to help us enrich and ennoble our Fraternity. We learned that ZTA’s existing conversations around inclusion were not enough. We learned the conversations needed to happen on a larger scale, at a quicker pace, and with a wider audience. That learning moment was a catalyst to accelerating our dialogue, programs, and education related to inclusion.

We’re proud to share the steps ZTA has already taken, as well as our future plans.

  • Formed an Inclusion Committee comprised of alumnae, collegians and staff who represent the many communities of our members. The committee members live in different regions of the country and have an understanding of inclusion from a variety of backgrounds
  • Created an Inclusion Philosophy and updated language appropriately throughout our entire site to align with it
  • Implemented an intentional, ongoing content plan for celebrating our members, their backgrounds and their identities on our public platforms. These posts also educate all members about different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Our social media aims for each sister to share who she is and see how Zeta Tau Alpha is a part of her personal story. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to see more.
  • Incorporated (and will continue to incorporate) programming focused on inclusive belonging for all members in each of our national leadership programs: Emerging Leaders Academy, Officer Leadership Academy, and National Officer Academies. Each national leadership academy impacts members of both collegiate and alumnae chapters.
  • Introduced the Inclusion Chairman position to the programs council. Starting fall 2020, this position will be required for each chapter. The goal of this position is to create a sense of belonging for members of the chapter and educate them on diversity and inclusion topics. An integral member of the chapter’s leadership structure, she promotes activities that foster a sense of belonging within the chapter for all members. Additionally, through partnership with campus resources, she provides education to all members on topics of diversity and inclusion.
  • Improved accessibility of our website, social media channels, video production, and in-person events for members of all abilities.
  • Stated publicly that ZTA is against racism. As part of that message, ZTA shared a robust anti-racism blog post of resources for members to educate themselves and take action.
  • Launching new programming within our My Sister, My Responsibility® educational series focused on ZTA's Key Value of Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom. ZTA partnered with experts in the field of diversity and inclusion to develop this new series which dives deep into the following topics:
    • Genuine conversation
    • Personal and social identity
    • Cultural appropriation
    • Microaggressions
    • Power and privilege
    • Identity, access & experience
  • Providing our Inclusion Chairmen across the country additional resources through programs noted above, education about campus connections, and fostering connections between these leaders from various chapters across the country
  • Continuing to evaluate guides and programs used by our collegiate chapter leaders to update and incorporate topics of inclusion throughout our membership experience from recruitment through graduation
  • Offering a presentation from Lindsay Boccardo to all members on the importance of inclusion and belonging in a sisterhood. Previously scheduled to speak at our International Convention in June 2020, which was cancelled, Lindsay's digital presentation allows alumnae, collegians and followers of ZTA to hear the importance of these topics regardless of physical location.
  • Supporting alumnae with additional resources to continue conversations within their chapters surrounding diversity and inclusion and the importance it has within our organization.
  • Continuing inclusive leadership from our three entities: Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, and the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation. Inclusive leadership begins with understanding and our three entities are committed to their own education, and the education of our members, across all areas of inclusion and diversity.
  • Training our Leadership Consultants, who visit and work directly with our collegiate chapters across the country, about the importance of inclusion within ZTA and how to facilitate conversations with members that focus on fostering a sense of belonging within their chapter and the larger organization.

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