ZTA in partnership with Evelyn and Jim Piazza and Rich Braham, parents of students who lost their lives to fraternity hazing created hazing prevention resources. Evelyn, Jim and Rich are part of Parents United 2 Stop Hazing (PUSH), which is an organization whose members speak about their experiences to students nationwide. They graciously share the difficult details of their stories because no student should have to experience hazing and no parent should have to experience that loss.

Working together, we have created resources for high school students and parents and guardians with children of any age from grade school through college. We have also added to existing resources for college students. Open each heading below to click on each resource.

ZTA personalized its award-winning My Sister, My Responsibility® program for high school students. Three Preventing and Confronting Hazing in High School workshops are available for teachers, counselors and administrators to facilitate in schools. The goal is to help students understand hazing and its impact earlier than college. Each workshop includes a facilitator guide and PowerPoint ready for the facilitator to present.

  • Same Team Mentality – In this workshop, students will understand the importance of accountability and recognize when to intervene in certain situations. This workshop includes a video from Evelyn, Jim and Rich about losing their sons to hazing.

  • Hidden Harm: What You Probably Haven’t Considered – In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of what hazing is, what qualifies an activity as hazing, and the detrimental impact hazing can have on a student’s academic life and their physical and mental well-being.

  • Real-World Consequences – The purpose of this workshop is to help students understand the legal repercussions (criminal and civil) of hazing as well as student leaders’ accountability in preventing and stopping hazing.

Download: Same Team Mentality

Download: Hidden Harm

Download: Real-World Consequences

ZTA designed this short, online course for parents and guardians who have students of any age from grade school through college. It includes a video with perspectives from Evelyn, Jim and Rich and discusses what hazing is, the warning signs of hazing and how to talk to your child as well as resources on hazing prevention.

Access the Parents Module

As a part of ZTA’s ongoing commitment to hazing prevention, ZTA updated one of the collegiate My Sister, My Responsibility: Preventing and Confronting Hazing workshops, Same Team Mentality, to include a video from Evelyn, Jim and Rich. This video adds an important human element to stepping in when something is wrong and how to take action rather than being a bystander.

Access the Collegiate Module: Same Team Mentality

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