Generation Rx

This workshop focuses on raising awareness about the dangers of prescription drug misuse and the potential it has to derail a student’s college career and beyond.

Generation RX: Video 1

The Impact of Misusing Prescription Opiods

Generation Rx: Video 2

The Impact of Misusing Prescription Stimulants

Generation Rx: Video 3

Safe Medication Practices

Bystander Framework

The purpose of this workshop is to help members understand how bystanders impact social situations, both positively and negatively. Understanding the power of bystander intervention will help members feel prepared to intervene in situations where they would normally be unsure how to respond.

Confronting Informal Hazing

This workshop will educate members on how informal hazing takes place in both individual and group settings. Knowing how informal hazing happens will empower sisters to feel more comfortable with confronting informal hazing and taking responsibility for holding their sisters accountable.

A Conversation About Positive Membership Education

This workshop focuses on teaching members how hazing is defined by our organization, the university and the state. This workshop will also discuss how hazing negatively impacts the experience members have within membership education and sisterhood. 

Hazing and the Law

During this workshop, the chapter will discuss the legal ramifications of hazing for the university, the organization and the state. Members will also reflect on our organization’s founding, the principles it was founded upon and how hazing does not align with these principles. 

Hazing Hurts: What You Probably Haven’t Considered

The purpose of this workshop is to allow members to reflect on the consequences of hazing on a person’s academic life and their physical and mental well-being. This workshop will also begin a discussion on how hazing is defined.

The Heart of the Matter: An Honest Conversation About Hazing

In this workshop, members will reflect on the values of the organization, who we are as a group and what chapter individuals need to feel a part of the group. This workshop will discuss how hazing does not fit into the chapter’s identity or the needs of individuals.

I Hazed

In this workshop, members will hear about Erle Morring’s personal experience with hazing and what he learned from it.

Legal Aspects of Hazing

In this workshop, members will gain an understanding of the criminal- and civil-law aspects of hazing and learn how to hold others accountable, from members to officers.

Living the Mission and Values

During this workshop, chapter members will connect their own individual values to the mission and values of the organization. Each of these individual and organizational values are core beliefs that help guide our lives. When we discuss hazing, how do our individual and organizational values play into the decisions we make and where does hazing fit into these values?

What are We Really About: Exploring Values Within the Organization

In this workshop, members will reflect on the purpose and values of the organization. How can these values be seen in everyday life within our sisterhood and how can we use our values to support one another?

Why I Am A ZTA

During this workshop, members will identify why they joined ZTA and what this organization means to them. From there, they will break down what is or is not hazing and what they, as Zeta women, will or will not stand for. 

Who is Watching Out for You?: The Sam Spady Story

The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate that under normal circumstances, we can examine our assumptions and make good decisions, but when alcohol enters the picture, things can become very cloudy and the assumption is not as well-defined. It explores a real-life situation where the assumptions made under the influence affected the lives of many.

Alcohol: Considering Different Impacts for Different People

This workshop discusses different factors to take into account when choosing to drink alcohol. It covers what a standard drink is, the factors of absorption, the process of sobering up, and the difference between blood alcohol levels in men and women.

The Blame Game: A Question of Accountability

In this workshop, sisters will discuss a scenario about a member named Sarah and reflect on who is responsible for what happened in the situation.

Holding Our Sisters Accountable

This workshop presents a scenario on campus and allows members to determine what they would do next to hold their sisters accountable. It includes a mock judicial hearing to show members what this process looks like and helps members understand its purpose as part of sisterhood.

Identifying Problem Drinking

During this workshop, members will talk about “problem drinking,” which is defined as any drinking situation that causes problems during or after drinking. Members will chart a list of behaviors across a spectrum from “not serious” to “very serious” and discuss how to confront different behaviors in the chapter.

Legal Aspects of Alcohol

This workshop covers the consequences members’ behaviors can have on the organization. It includes criminal laws, civil liability and organizational policies through discussion and case studies. 

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