With a net worth of $30 million, the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) assists collegiate chapters in locating, funding and maintaining safe, competitive housing for collegiate members. Established in 1977, our Housing Corporation was a first in the Panhellenic world and remains an example to other Greek organizations in its size, resources and organization.

The FHC owns or manages 110 chapter facilities across the country, including 69 free-standing residential houses. The corporation annually spends $5 million in housing upgrades and maintenance for its facilities. The FHC provides all necessary funding to make ZTA housing safe, secure and competitive for its 154 member associations. A small number of ZTA facilities are still owned and operated by local house corporations.

In addition to chapter facilities, the corporation owns and manages our International Office in Indianapolis.

A dedicated board of ZTA volunteers manages the FHC. The board appoints supervising directors to help manage all housing efforts and work with local volunteers, contractors and suppliers to obtain quality housing for ZTA.

ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation
2012-2014 Board of Directors

FHC Board

Front row: (left to right)
Dinah Jackson Laughery (ZTA Fraternity Secretary-Treasurer), Treasurer Lacey Schneider O’Connor, President Julia Marthaler Hill, Vice President Martha Gorum Jackson, Secretary Marty E. Sik, Keeley McDonald Riddle (ZTA Fraternity National President), Becky Hainsworth Kirwan (ZTA Foundation President)

Second row: (left to right)
 Treasurer Dinah Helms Cook, Anne Petro Tamulaitis, Kay McCoy McKelvey, Susan Beard, Karen Farmer Mills, Chris Stull-Walter, Jan Spradley McCarthy, Terri Dew Millsap, Jayne Anne Scoggins Hungate


ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation:

Has a net worth of $30 million.

Spends $5 million annually on housing upgrades and maintenance.

Has 154 member associations.

Owns or manages 110 facilities.